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By | December 1, 2021

How To Read Odds & Bet On Sports

When you’re looking at the betting odds for totals, this is a reflection of the combined score of both teams. That means that you are looking at whether the combined score of both sides will go over or under a set number. (For that reason, this type of bet is also often called an over / under bet.) For example, the sportsbook might set the total at 66 for a college football game. This means that they predict that the two teams will score a combined total of 66 points. You will then place a wager on whether the actual combined score will be over or under that amount. If you think that one or both teams has a particularly strong offense and it will be a high-scoring affair, you would bet over.

With these three scenarios in mind, what outcomes do you foresee? Write down those answers and then go back to your original research regarding teams, locations, and weather. Once you’ve done that, go through the same process but in reverse and exaggerate the outcome for the other team. Next, go on to consider an exaggerated outcome in one direction and ask yourself how much that would impact the quarter by quarter scoring. From a defensive perspective, you might find Under bet opportunities when both teams have really strong starting pitchers, a deep bullpen, or a particularly powerful infield. is your #1 source of honest, straightforward and accurate sportsbetting information.

Betting a player to win an award before a season begins and picking a Super Bowl winner are examples of some popular futures bets. The odds, depending on the selection, will vary wildly and change throughout the season depending on the team/player’s performance. Middle bets are a way for a user to maximize odds shifts and potentially win multiple bets in a single games. A parlay bet allows a user to tie multiple wagering opportunities into one single bet. A parlay will offer significantly better odds depending on the number of wagers as well as their corresponding odds. In a parlay, a user must win all of these bets in order to cash.

In our example, if the score ended up being something like 34-32, then the combined score would be 66, exactly the predicted total. In these cases, no one wins the bet, and you would simply get your money back. To avoid these situations, sportsbooks will often set the total at a half number, like 66.5. This way, if the final combined score was 66, it would be an under, and a 67 would be an over.

College football is even more drastic, with teams trading possessions from the 25 yard-line. This can pad the score of an otherwise defensive game in a hurry. If both teams score and make the extra point on their opening possession, that’s an extra 14 points on just a few plays.

Totals, sometimes referred to as over under bets, are a type of betting opportunity where gamblers may bet that the final score of a game goes over or under the bookmaker’s posted total. It’s when the total points in a game exactly match the over/under number set by the bookies. If the over/under for the Diamondbacks-Dodgers game is 9, and the final score is 5-4, both the Over bet and the Under bet are pushes. The site will then put your wager amount back into your account.

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